Thursday, September 29, 2005

artnet Magazine - Drawing Notebook (more about the "Obsessive Drawing" Show at the American Folk Art Museum)

"The fifth artist, Chris Hipkiss, is represented by a 35-foot-long narrative environmentalist diatribe, Lonely Europe Arm Yourself (1994-5), which is 'operatic' and then some, to use the words of AFAM curator Brooke Anderson." ...

Guess I gotta go see this show. It's on from September 14, 2005–March 19, 2006. If you're in NYC, please go, and tell me about it. Terence and Erin, this means you.
the museum's at:

45 West 53rd Street
New York NY 10019

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

ceci n'est pas...: it slices, it dices, it makes juliane fries

Someone in "County Cork, Ireland" got a job offer just like me!

"My name is Roger Smith and I am the Chief Executive Officer of American Income." ...

That kind of stuff is still coming in, too.

Being There

Finished the book today. Remember liking the movie some time ago. Book's only 118 pages in the version I read.

"O'Flaherty spoke easily: 'What was the trouble with Duncan? With Frank and with Shellman, for that matter, and with so many of the others we've considered and have had to reject? The damn trouble was that they all had background, too much background! A man's past cripples him: his background turns into a swamp and invites scrutiny!'"
"He waved his arms excitedly. 'But just consider Gardiner. May I stress what you have just heard from a most authoritative voice: Gardiner has no background! And so he's not and cannot be objectionable to anyone! He's personable, well-spoken, and he comes across well on TV!'"

"Being There," Jerzy Kosinski, p. 116. Harcourt, Brace, Jovanich; Bantam edition (1972).
Wish I could remember my MLA cite format. It was erased by law school bluebooking, which I've managed to forget much of, too.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


little brother Matt and his gfriend Holly visited yesterday. He took a picture of me, too.

Matt got the playstation working. He gave me a playstation summer before last (he has an Xbox now.) Took him a few minutes to get it fixed. So we played Tekken 3, a two-player fighting game we used to play a lot, I mean A Lot, before I was in Knoxville and before he was a firefighter. Each game- as we tend to play- is best two of three. I won the first, and won the second without him getting anything on me, which is called a "perfect." So I quit. We had to go eat, after all. Played some more after food, and I wasn't so dominant.

Pentrix - Videos

"Pen Spinning Revolution." I must practice.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Zoe Mendelson

More Excellent Drawings and Paintings. Artist name: Zoe Mendelson.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

bell hooks

while at Vassar, I read stuff by bell hooks. very sharp writer, seemed to me so much on the mark so much of the time. had no idea hooks was from Hopkinsville, KY. neither knew mom was a hooks fan, but hooks was in Hopkinsville recently, and mom got her to sign a book. so very wow.

Good radio. Listen on-line or something.


10pm - Midnight “Club 90” (playlists)
Hosted by Deejay J-Lee
(hip hop, rap and r&b mixed live in the studio)"

job spam

this is what I get for signing up with the University's stuff:

"New Job Position Open! Contact Us Today!"
"We recently received your resume from the internet and we'd like to talk to
you. We have a career which would allow you the opportunity to earn over
$100,000 your first year if you are capable of making just one average sale
a day for us."...

"Job Opening Available Now! Please Reply Today!"
My name is Roger Smith and I am the Chief Executive Officer of American
Income. I recently found your resume online and wanted to get in touch with
you. We are expanding our sales force by hiring applicants from a variety
of different backgrounds and we believe you have the potential to be an
excellent match."...

OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan

via the Note:

(this part since crosses w/ AK)
"Republicans have grown alarmed at federal spending. It has come to a head not only because of Katrina but because of the huge pork-filled highway bill the president signed last month, which comes with its own poster child for bad behavior, the Bridge to Nowhere. The famous bridge in Alaska that costs $223 million and that connects one little place with two penguins and a bear with another little place with two bears and a penguin. The Bridge to Nowhere sounds, to conservative ears, like a metaphor for where endless careless spending leaves you. From the Bridge to the 21st Century to the Bridge to Nowhere: It doesn't feel like progress."

"I'm sure the administration would think to criticize the leadership of Bill Clinton if they weren't so busy having jolly mind-melds with him on Katrina relief. Mr. Clinton, on the other hand, is using his new closeness with the administration to add an edge of authority to his slams on Bush. That's a pol who knows how to do it."

Jan Baracz

excellent photo stream

President's Remarks at Republican Jewish Coalition 20th Anniversary

"You know, something we -- I've been thinking a lot about how America has responded, and it's clear to me that Americans value human life, and value every person as important. And that stands in stark contrast, by the way, to the terrorists we have to deal with. You see, we look at the destruction caused by Katrina, and our hearts break. They're the kind of people who look at Katrina and wish they had caused it. We're in a war against these people. It's a war on terror. These are evil men who target the suffering."

via Wonkette, who doesn't seem to offer "permalinks."
also at NYT, but Wonkette is sharper, and doesn't require registration.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

ultimate weekend

used to play ultimate twice a week at Charter Doyle park. game there was always laid-back, sometimes more than I liked. but I liked playing, and for months it was about the only game in town. can't wear cleats there.

but then things have picked up a bit, and there are more games in Knoxville these days, games where we wear cleats. that's good, but as things picked up, the charter doyle games fell off. but then they might be picking up again, starting last Saturday.

hope we do keep that game going. ultimate three times a week is better than two times a week.

been listening to Over the Rhine. And Silkworm, my band of last resort.

ABC News: The Note: Everything That Ought to Be Up Is Down

Always wondered what that that that they meant, by that "Gang of 500:"
"the inner circle of American politics (a/k/a: the Gang of 500)"

Monday, September 19, 2005


For the sappy Monday links. Couldn't be helped. Timing.

"How We Got Engaged!" By Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier

"How We Got Engaged!" By Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier

hacnocte: It needs to be said

hacnocte: It needs to be said: "It needs to be said
I have the best husband ever.

The other day, I had a semi-meltdown and told Hop about my new plan for the gym and losing weight. I told him I needed help from him - when he saw me curling up and refusing to go to the gym, question it. Ask me why, encourage me to go - he promised he would, but only for five minutes and then he'd leave it at that." ...

stereogum: CMJ Saturday Wrap-Up

stereogum: CMJ Saturday Wrap-Up

Friday, September 16, 2005

Sage Sohier: "Boy with model of Kandahar, Afganistan; Watertown, MA Dec. 2001" at Bernard Toale Gallery - Artwork details

Sage Sohier: "Boy with model of Kandahar, Afganistan; Watertown, MA Dec. 2001" at Bernard Toale Gallery - Artwork details

American Folk Art Museum

More amazing drawings. Artist name: Eugene Andolsek.


click on title. once you're there, be sure to click on the "next" button. Some Amazing Drawings. Artist name: Raqib Shaw

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hillbilly Fever, Thursday nights on WDVX fm

The very, very best country music. Every Thursday night 7-10. It's Hillbilly Fever.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Yesterday, had an exercise (read: "game") in ADR class. Groups of four, each person has a card with X on one side and Y on the other. Each person decides whether to play X or Y, and everyone shows their choice at once. Clear so far? Each group had ten plays.

If everyone plays X, everyone loses a point. If some play X and some play Y, those who played X gain points, and those who played Y lose points. If everyone plays Y, everyone gets a point.

In a class of about 50, maybe three people chose Y everytime. There was no reward for getting the most points, but Professor wanted to see how many points the groups ended up with.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Boing Boing: Katrina: joke du jour

"Q: What's George Bush's position on Roe v. Wade?
A: He really doesn't care how people get out of New Orleans."

Running Stuff

I run the Environmental Law Group for the law school. So I have to submit a budget. Here, that means I have to put this in the budget:
"The Student Organization certifies that shall not use funds provided by The University of Tennessee, or any subdivision thereof, to purchase alcoholic beverages."

Saturday, September 10, 2005


That's "ManMae," who played at the Pilot Light Thursday night.

Saw "Creeping Nobodies" and "Divorce" play there last night. I heart Pilot Light. Three good shows in two nights, and I wasn't even there for all the bands.

On Friday, I finally bought books for two of my four classes. The book for another is ordered. The fourth class's book is not available at the bookstore, so the Professor has been sending copies to us students.

Also on Friday: got my bike rolling! Riding a bike around Knoxville makes me like Knoxville more.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labor Day weekend

went to nooga for the Shawn Adams Memorial Spirit of the Game Ultimate Tournament. First game against NC's Green Man team was close, but like the next three, we lost. My team, "KULT," (as in, Knoxville ULTimate, I think) was/is quite new, and has plenty of new players, and has this one player who's been playing for years but still has crappy throws (me). Ran into a bunch of nooga people I hadn't seen in too long. But was a long day and I got completely exhausted. Then went to a bluegrass concert, good, and then the tournament party, pretty good. Slept on little brother's couch.

Woke up next morning, early, since first game was at nine. Wasn't too late but was very stiff and tired. Lost the first game but won the second, so that meant we won the "C bracket," which bracket I don't think existed, originally. Winning that got us a canvas Dore art deco-ish print.

Watched the mixed division final between Shotgun and Johnny on the Spot, then drove back to Knoxville aided by Red Bulls and Starbucks coffee.

Friday, September 02, 2005

more catching up

What else since returning to TN:

Got all serious, again, about moving into another apt. Found one in a favorite neighborhood. Gave landlord's representative $50 on Saturday to hold it until Tuesday, explaining at the time about the late loan stuff. Then got less enthusiastic about the new place. It would have allowed me to get a dog, but it was carpeted with some raggedy carpet. Guess I just changed my mind... much as this building annoys me, I do have a great view from my apt. here, and it would take something appealing to make me move. It's a long story. I'll keep looking for another place.

Spent last Saturday in nooga with Hop and Morgen. She made dinner and it was excellent. Stayed at their place that night, sleeping on couch before the very cable TV. Not much on that night, but got to see the huge fighting scene at the end of Kill Bill 1 early the next morning.

Sunday, recovered most of my rosemary plants from Matt. I left him with four, I think, but I'm sure there were four there then, so thanks to Matt. He kept my plants alive while I was in Alaska.

On Monday night I saw the movie "Hustle & Flow." First in-theater movie I'd seen in some time. Liked it very much.

Tuesday is when I skipped classes.

Wednesday, had to go to school to represent the Enviro. group, and TAPIL (TN Assoc. of Public Interest Law) at the student organization fair, since that's where new people sign up, and both groups need more people. Got a few for each. Also got my loan check. Huge!

Thursday, paid bills that had long needed paying, and could now be paid, since I got the loan check. Also got Willie Nelson's "Red Headed Stranger," which I've been wanting to pick up for years now.

Today, got car registered. I'm about totally legal now. Also went to gym.

in saddle again

Was odd getting back into things here. Several days didn't sleep at best time, I mean, didn't sleep at night for long. Then was dealing with academic hurdles, most significant of which was that I didn't have my student loan (my fault for submitting a form in Aug. that I should have submitted in Jan.) So I wasn't really signed up for classes. But it came through a couple of days ago, so, very good! Now seems more like I'm supposed to be here. Now that the loan's come through, they'll even let me into the gym, and that's nice.

But was peculiar in the meantime, when I was going to classes, wondering if any of the profs. would ask me what I was doing there, when I hadn't paid for my classes. They didn't. Then, too, after a few days, I didn't want to go to classes more than a few times without reading for classes. So I skipped a couple. Then the loan came through and I bought a book (99$) for Administrative Law. I guessed at what I'd need to read, read that, went to class, and the prof. asked me to tell the class about the case. I'd read the case, so, I could do that. So, good.

What else...
My first Environmental class met to observe argument in the second Zeb Mountain case. Was good to hear that stuff going on in this case, which is just huge stuff around here. See pictures of the relevant mine at the UTlawenviro site, or at Flickr, both in the links to the right.

Been good to be back here in Knoxville for the Pilot Light. Maybe the best place in east TN, music-wise. Local bands most nights of the week. On Sunday they had a pot-luck, which I wish was going on likewise in every town across the country, as far as that the indie music people would get together for dinner before a long series of bands every once in a while. Made me compare to the weekly dinner I attended in AK, which was at the American Legion, and was different and the same.